Independent Wholesale Welding Supply
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Gas Equipment

Burners Expansion Burner LPG Power Burner
Cart 782359 Cylinder Cart
Sumner Carts
782385_Cylinder Cart Sumner Welding Carts
782443 Cylinder Trolley with Firewall
AFTILTT 3 Wheel Cylinder Cart AFCC Cylinder Cart
Cutting Attachments 346CA Cutting Attachment
372M Mixer Breakdown
346T Torch Handle Breakdown Cutting Attachment
Cutting Tips Flametech Flat Seat
Cutting Tips
Flametech Cutting Tips
Flametech Scrapper Cutting Tips
Flashback Arrestors  Flashback Arrestors  
Flint Lighters and Renewals Flint Lighters and Renewals
Gas Hose Assemblies Gas Hose Assemblies  
Heater CO2-A210V & CO2-A120V Heater
Hose Clamps Clamp Kit & Side Jaw Pincer Stepless Clamps & O-Clips
Pipe Cutting Machines GC346KIT Gas Champ Cutting
Machine Package

  PC12 Cutting Machine PC-12 Pipe Cutting
Machine Breakdown
  Gas Champ Cutting Machine
  Gas Champ  12 Spare Parts

PC-12A Automatic Pipe
Cutting Machine

  3 Seat Tip Cross Reference  
GC1-2H Beam Cutter GC2-11 Magnetic Pip Cutting Machine
Quick Connect Gas Fitting Quick Connect  
Regulators 190AR Argon
Regulator Breakdown
Regulator Breakdown
  190CR CO2
Regulator Breakdown
230GA-IW Balloon
Regulator Breakdown
  190CR-100 Beer
Regulator Breakdown
452N-450 Nitrogen
Regulator Breakdown
  195 & 195AR Flowmeter
Regulator Breakdown
452X-IW Oxygen
Regulator Breakdown
  195FM & 195FM25 Flowmeter
Regulator Breakdown
452Y-IW Acetylene
Regulator Breakdown
  195WO Regulator Breakdown
  199CR-IW Radiator
Regulator Breakdown
Stable Cut SC15 Stable Cut
Tank Vise TV1 Tank Vise
Wypo Tip Cleaners WYPO & KWYPO Tip Cleaners