Independent Wholesale Welding Supply
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Fit Up Gear

Welding Accessories

Adaptors Lenco Adaptors & Connectors  
Adjustment & Cross Slides Profax WCS-222 Adjustable Slide
Profax Welding Slide & Cross Slide
Anti Heat Tempil Anti-Heat Absorbing Compound
Backing Bar Ceramic Backing Bar Ceramic Backing Bar & Backing Tape
Bloxide Tempil Bloxide Weldable Primer  
Brite Zinc B-100 Brite Zinc  
Brushes Brushes
Cable Reel RPM Cable Reel Holder
Cannisters Rod Guard Cannisters & Parts RST Rod Storage Tubes
Chipping Hammer Lenco Chipping Hammers  
Clamps Arcforce Clamps Lenco Ground Clamps
Coolant Coolant Fluid
Connectors Dinse Style Cable Connectors Lenco Dinse Connectors
MC500 & MC500HD Cable Connectors
Dye Penetrant Inspection Dye Penetrant Inspection & Anti Spatter
Electrode Holder Electrode Holder Lenco Isolator
Lenco Eectroder Holder
Engineers Chalk Engineers Chalk
Fit Up Gear Fit Up Gear Fit Up Gear Catalogue
Gauges Gal Gage Gauges WG-PF-2pcs Pocket Weld Gauge
Gal Gage Gauges Kits Arcforce Welding Gauges
Profax & IWWS Gauges
Gunny Dog GD-15 Gunny Dog
Inspection Kits AWSTOOLKIT Gal Gage Tool Kit CAT12 Briefcase Inspection Kit
Inspection Mirrors AFMLED_ AFMITS Inspection Mirrors E2TM_B2TM Inspection Mirrors
LACO Chemical Products Laco Chemical Products
Includes: Cloth, Wipes, Pipe Thread Sealant,
Leak Detector and Flux Paste
Magnetic Angles
Magnetic Ground Clamps
Magnetic Squares
Magnetic Angles, Ground Clamps & Squares
Mag Pry Dog & Wedge MPML-V2 Mag Pry
Mag pry and Dog & Wedge
Markers Markal Industrial Markers  
Milling Discs K19950_K20114 Milling Discs
Nozzle Dip K108-16 Nozzle Dip Gel
Optimus & Progress Holder Vlamboog Progress & Optimus Holders  
Oven Arcforce Electrode Ovens  
Pipe Ground CPG400 Lenco Pipe Ground
Purge Dam & Tape Dissolvo Water Soluble Purge dam & tape
Pyromark Pyromark  
Solar Flux SFTB Solar Flux Type B  
SpeedTap Speedtaps  
Spray Gal K109-13 Wasp SPray Gal  
Squares WCS Squares
Stool 785800 Welders Stool
Tig Finger & Super Arm Cooler Tig Finger & Super Arm Cooler  TF Tig Finger
Thermishield W000274839 Thermisheld  
Thermometer Imnfrared Tempil Thermometer
Tempilaq Tempilaq  
Tempilstik Tempilstik  
Torch Holder Magnetic Torch Holder  Arcforce Torch Holder
Weldaid Products Weldaid Products  W007030 Anti Spatter
W007088 Weld Kleen Aerosol  W007022 Nozzle Kleen #2
Welding Cable Arcforce Welding Cable  
Welding Table Welding Table
Windshield WW-1 Welders Windshield  
Wipes EZ Wipes